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Car Alarm Installation, Vehicle Alarms Systems, Auto Alarms

Car alarms are the number one auto theft deterrent in America.
Vehicle theft deterrent systems are not just for cars, they are great for protecting all types of vehicles, Including:

  Auto Alarms for Cars:
 Sedans, Sports Cars, Coupes...
  Auto Alarms for Trucks:
 Single & Ex Cab, Work Trucks...
  Auto Alarms for SUVs:
 Luxury suv's, Offroad suv's...
  Auto Alarms for Vans:
 Conversion Vans , Mini-Vans...
  Auto Alarms for Buses:
 School Buses, Tour Buses...
  Auto Alarms for RVs:
 Travel Trailers, Campers...
  Auto Alarms for Big Rigs:
 18-Wheelers, Semi Trucks...
  Auto Alarms for Boats:
 Ski Boats, Yachts, Ships...
  Auto Alarms for Tractors:
 Tractors, Farm Equipment...
  Auto Alarms for Machinery:
 Construction Equipment...
As you can see when we say auto alarms for any vehicle, we mean it.

Vehicle Security Systems for Today's World

In can take a thief less than 10 seconds to break into your vehicle, and with no deterrent to stop them they can make off with your valuables or even your car before anyone notices.

Auto alarms today offer a variety of features to keep your vehicle safe. While auto security features like siren warnings and shock sensors are still the standard, improvements in auto alarm technology have yielded many great upgrades and add-ons.

Auto Alarm Systems, Features, and Benefits...

Warnings and Deterrent features:
They say the best weapon is one you never have to use, the same is true for alarms systems. The following auto alarm features stop criminals before they start saving you hundreds in potential damages from break in attempts.
  • Protected Vehicle Sticker - Clearly labels your vehicle as having had an auto alarm installed.
  • LED Warning Light - The alarms installed at Dallas Window Tinting & Auto Alarms use bright-flashing LED lights that confirms your vehicle has an auto alarm.
  • Audible Multi-Tone Siren - Scares off would-be car thieves and alerts you and others nearby of an attempted break-in.
  • Flashing Parking Lights - Works with the multi-tone siren to help draw attention to the vehicle and the criminal.
  • Automatic Door Locks - These can be installed with or without an auto alarm system, and are a great way to make sure your doors are always locked.

Auto Alarm System Sensors:
Theft deterrent systems are equipped with a variety of ways to detect motion in, on, and around your vehicle. These features allow you to know what is happening to your vehicle at all times.
  • Vibration / Shock Sensor - The most basic of vehicle alarms system components. Shock sensors can set off an alarm from window breakage, wheel tampering, or even someone hitting your car. The vibration sensor can be adjusted to pick up just about any motion of the vehicle.
  • Door Sensors - In most auto alarm systems, these sensors are wired to the dome light sensor so that any door or hatch being open will trigger the alarm. Often the alarm will sound just from someone pulling on the door handle, even if the door is locked.
  • Motion Sensors - Vehicle motion detectors for you car alarm are the best way to protect your vehicle and your belongings, especially in a truck or convertible. These microwave sensors are usually set to give a single chirp warning when the vehicle is approached. Prolonged movement or contact with the vehicle will set off the alarm. This feature works especially well for trucks to protect tools and other supplies left in the truck bed. Again as someone approaches the vehicle a notification is given, then if someone reaches into the back of the truck, the alarms sounds.


So... Dallas Window Tint does do more than just window tining in Dallas.

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